About Us

We serve renewable energy developers, insurers, and financiers, all seeking enhanced insights into risks associated with renewable energy assets.

We understand that our clients need solutions that are reliable, secure and easy to use. So we’ve built products for the market, with active engagement from the market.

Our clients use our solutions for pricing, capacity, debt or equity transactions, portfolio management, event studies, stress testing and liquidity management.

Our People

Renew Risk was founded by a group of passionate and visionary professionals who believe in accelerating energy transition through effective risk analytics.

Our founding team believes that by bringing a fintech approach to risk analytics, we can enhance the financialisation of renewable energy, expediting its global deployment.

Extended Team

Our extended team has deep expertise in catastrophe risk modelling, software engineering, product design, financial modelling and data science.

Our Values

Embedded within our team's ethos are three foundational values that not only steer our endeavours but also sculpt our culture. These principles encompass Integrity, Science-Driven approaches, and unwavering Execution. Here is what they mean to us:


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and accountability in everything we do. We are committed to delivering quality products and solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our clients and stakeholders. We respect and value the diversity, dignity, and contributions of all our team members and partners.


We apply rigorous scientific methods and meticulous data analysis to build our products. Our utilisation of cutting-edge models and inventive strategies enables us to unravel intricate challenges and generate substantial value for our clients. We foster a culture of curiosity, learning, and excellence among our team members and partners.


We execute our projects with speed, efficiency, and agility. We deliver on our promises and strive for continuous improvement and client satisfaction. We empower our team members and partners to take ownership, collaborate, and make decisions that drive results.


We are backed by investors who share our vision

We are backed by some of the leading investors in the industry, such as Insurtech Gateway and One Planet Capital. Our investors share our vision and offer unwavering support and bring a robust network that will contribute significantly to our growth.

Research Partners

We’re interested in exploring new research opportunities

We are committed to advancing state-of-the-art renewable energy risk analytics. We work closely with leading academic institutions and research organisations to conduct cutting-edge research and development in renewable energy, risk modelling and data science.

We are always interested in exploring new research opportunities and collaborations with researchers who share our passion for renewable energy innovation. We offer our research partners access to our proprietary data sets, our advanced software platform, and our experienced team of engineers and analysts.

Commercial Partners

We are open to partnerships across the renewables sector

We believe that by working together, we can create more value and impact for our clients and the planet.

We are open to partnerships with renewable energy insurers, developers, owners and financiers, as well as other service providers and technology companies that complement our offerings. We offer our partners access to our cutting-edge risk analytics software, our extensive network of clients and contacts, and our deep industry knowledge and insights.

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Our clients, partners, investors and employees share our vision. Lets work together to speed up energy transition.

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