Risk modelling and analytics software to secure energy transition

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Our Vision

Accelerating energy transition through effective financialisation

Renewable energy is the future.

But renewable energy projects are complex and costly to develop and finance. Developers, insurers, and financiers need to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the financial risks and opportunities associated with their assets. However, they currently lack models and solutions that support their decision-making and risk analysis.

Our vision is to make renewable energy more investable: By enhancing risk analysis for developers, insurers and financiers, we help unlock underwriting capacity and liquidity pools that accelerate energy transition.

We believe the growth of renewable energy is secured through improved risk analytics and models software for developers, insurers and financiers.

Our Clients

Serving developers, insurers and financiers with cutting-edge solutions

We serve renewable energy developers, insurers, and financiers, all seeking enhanced insights into risks associated with renewable energy assets.

We understand that our clients need solutions that are reliable, secure and easy to use.

So we’ve built products for the market, 'with' active engagement from the market.

Our clients use our solutions for pricing, capacity, debt or equity transactions, portfolio management, event studies, stress testing and liquidity management.

Our Products

Assessing risk and providing optimised insurance and financing to renewable energy assets

We provide software that allows our clients to assess risk and provide optimised insurance and financing to renewable energy assets.

Pioneering our services in offshore wind, Renew Risk software solutions are being rapidly applied to new asset classes in line with the technological growth of the industry.

Our SaaS solution enables users to gain comprehensive insights into risk through sophisticated and innovative, and patented, modelling solutions.

Our Team

Dedicated to renewables sector and cutting-edge risk analytics

Our vision is to provide the most rigorous scientific modelling and translate the clarity it provides in the sharpest risk analytics for our clients. We understand the challenges and opportunities that renewable energy projects encounter in a changing financial climate and a competitive market.

Collectively, we have over 100+ years of combined experience in renewable energy development, engineering, climate science, software products, risk modelling, insurance, banking, finance, and financial structuring.

Renew Risk is a team of passionate and experienced professionals who are dedicated to advancing renewable energy sector through cutting-edge risk analytics software. We are based in the UK, and we operate globally.

Our technical advisory group comprises of individuals from leading global universities, with deep domain expertise in renewable energy, energy risk, construction risk and natural perils. Our business advisory group comprises of individuals from insurance, private equity, seasoned fintech investors, and renewable energy developers.

We are committed to supporting the growth of renewable energy and contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.

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