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We provide SaaS software that allows our clients to assess risk and provide optimised insurance and financing for renewable energy assets.

Pioneering our services in offshore wind, Renew Risk software solutions are being rapidly applied to new asset classes in line with the technological growth of the industry.

Our SaaS solutions enable clients to gain comprehensive insights into risk through sophisticated and innovative-patented modelling solutions.

Catastrophe Models

Pioneering offshore wind catastrophe models

Offshore wind is one of the most promising and fastest-growing sources of renewable energy in the world. But offshore wind assets also face exposure to extreme weather conditions and natural catastrophes.

Unfortunately, catastrophe risk to offshore wind farms is traditionally quantified with more generic assessments for different regions, or by modelling the risks from onshore. To date, there are no commercially available models for offshore wind farms, which are increasingly being developed in areas that are highly exposed to natural catastrophe perils.

So, how can developers & insurers effectively assess and manage the catastrophe risks of offshore wind projects? This is where Renew Risk can help.

Our team has developed the market’s first offshore wind catastrophe models, used by leading global insurers and re-insurers. Our solutions use detailed physics-based modelling, data analytics and simulation techniques to model full life cycle of offshore windfarms from construction to operations to decommissioning to support risk assessment.

Through the implementation of deep data science-driven patent-protected methodologies, Renew Risk has successfully developed a pioneering set of models using open-source platform , the Oasis loss modelling framework.

Our cutting-edge models offer comprehensive coverage of high-risk earthquake and typhoon regions such as US, Taiwan and Japan.

Renew Risk’s Catastrophe Models are live and available to clients via Nasdaq’s catastrophe risk modelling platform and Renew Risk’s AWS. Our models are used for capacity planning, pricing, event response, portfolio management and more.

Non-Catastrophe Holistic Risk Models

At Renew Risk, we offer a comprehensive approach to risk modelling that covers not only catastrophe risks, but also a variety of other factors that can affect your business performance and resilience. Some of these factors include:

  • Accidents: We model the frequency and severity of accidents that can cause losses to your assets, employees, customers, or third parties.
  • Attrition: We model the impact of normal or abnormal fluctuations in your business volume, customer retention, employee turnover, or market share.
  • Winter storms: We model the potential damage and disruption caused by extreme weather events, such as snow, ice, wind, or hail.
  • Political uncertainties: We model the effects of political instability, conflict, sanctions, or regulatory changes on your business operations and opportunities.
  • Supply chain vulnerabilities: We model the risks of disruption, delay, or failure in your supply chain network due to natural or man-made causes.

These modelled risks have implications for both insurable risks and the standard credit/equity risks inherent in business operations.

Due to the interconnectedness of these risks and their significant financial ramifications, their accurate modelling demands in-depth subject matter expertise – an essential component embedded within our products.

Industry Exposure Database (IED)

Our renewable energy Industry Exposure Database (IED) product is a valuable resource for developers, financiers, and insurers in the offshore wind sector.

It contains detailed information on the location, capacity, ownership, and value of various types of offshore wind assets, including:

  • Generating assets: Offshore wind turbines that produce electricity from wind power.
  • Transmission assets: Substations and cables that connect the wind farms to the grid and transport the electricity.
  • Storage assets: Batteries, hydrogen, and ammonia facilities that store excess electricity or convert it into other forms of energy.

Our database covers both existing and planned offshore wind farms around the world. It allows developers, financiers and insurers to customise their queries based on the development stage, risk factors, financial parameters, and environmental impacts of the assets.

Developers, financiers and insurers can also integrate our database with our models and solutions to get a comprehensive analysis of the offshore wind market.

Our Industry Exposure Database (IED) is developed and maintained by a team of experts in renewable energy, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field. They can provide you with an in-depth assessment of the technical, economic, and social aspects of offshore wind farm assets.

Financial Planning Models

The ultimate solution for renewable energy project finance planning

In today’s economic environment, renewable energy developers must plan and optimise the financial performance of their projects, assess and manage the risks and opportunities, and effectively communicate and collaborate with their financial partners.

Renew Risk Financial Planning Model is used by offshore wind farm and other renewable energy developers to plan and stress test the financial performance of their projects as a financial asset. Renew Risk’s SaaS product can help renewable energy developers:

  • Generate realistic and robust cashflow projections for their project based on various inputs.
  • Understand and reduce the costs of their project by identifying the key drivers and components of their costs.
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis to evaluate how their project’s financial performance is affected by changes in key parameters.
  • Share results with their financial partners in a transparent and interactive way for debt / equity transaction and restructuring.

Renew Risk Financial Planning Model is the ultimate tool for renewable energy project finance and helps developers build confidence and trust with their partners.

Credit Risk Models

The solution to assess creditworthiness and cash flows of renewable energy projects

If you are a bank or a financial institution that provides debt/equity financing for renewable energy projects, you know how important it is to have a reliable and accurate assessment of the risks and returns of your investments.

You need to be able to evaluate the performance and potential of renewable energy assets and determine the optimal financing terms and conditions for each project.

But how can you do that in a complex and dynamic market, where renewable energy assets are subject to various factors, such as weather, demand, regulation, and competition? How can you access the data and analytics you need to make informed and confident decisions?

That’s where Renew Risk comes in. We offer solutions that improve the credit analysis and risk management of renewable energy assets. Our solutions are

used primarily by banks and credit/debt lenders which enables them to accurately assess the lending risk of a project.

Our credit risk models provide metrics like PD/LGD and equivalent debt ratings for credit analysis. The product comes with integrated stress testing, event response and portfolio management capabilities.

Event Response

Offshore wind farms face various challenges and risks from the harsh marine environment. Storms, waves, corrosion, collisions, and cable failures can affect the performance and safety of the turbines and the grid connection.

To effectively respond to such events, financiers and event response agencies need timely and accurate information about the damage and losses caused by them.

Our team and our products can quickly understand and analyse physical risk events that affect offshore wind farms globally and can provide damage and loss metrics in short order.

This can help owners, financiers and event response agencies to plan effective response. The benefits of using our service include:

  • Speed: We can deliver our analysis within hours or days of the event, depending on the complexity and availability of data.
  • Accuracy: We use cutting-edge models to estimate the damage and losses caused by various types of events.
  • Coverage: We can cover any location in the world where an offshore wind farm is located globally.
  • Customisation: We can tailor our analysis to specific needs and preferences of financiers and event response agencies.

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