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Renewable energy is the future.

Renewable energy sources provide clean, reliable and affordable energy for everyone. They help us tackle the climate crisis, improve air quality, create jobs and enhance energy security.

But renewable energy projects are complex and costly to develop, finance, and operate. Developers, insurers, and financiers need to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with their assets. However, they currently lack the models and solutions that support their decision-making and risk-transfer processes.

That’s why we’re making renewable energy more investable: By enhancing risk analysis for developers, insurers and financiers, we help unlock underwriting capacity and liquidity pools that accelerate the energy transition.

We believe the growth of renewable energy is secured through improved risk analytics and models software for developers, insurers and financiers.


Quantifying the risks and coverage pricing of renewable energy assets

We are providing the world’s first renewable energy catastrophe risk models that help insurers to accurately quantify the risks and price the coverage of renewable energy assets, such as offshore wind.

Our models enable insurers and re-insurers to confidently assess the risk of natural disasters for renewable energy assets and price coverage in a robust manner. Our catastrophe risk models are live and currently being used by several insurers. With our models, insurers and re-insurers can:

  • Offer accurate and competitive coverage for renewable energy assets, based on robust risk analytics.
  • Estimate the potential losses and impacts of natural catastrophes on renewable energy assets and adjust their risk assessment and pricing accordingly.

We also offer debt asset management software solutions to insurance clients, which help them to:

  • Gain a clear and comprehensive view of the risk profile and exposure of their renewable energy portfolio.
  • Improve their risk management and mitigation strategies, such as diversification, hedging, and reinsurance.
  • Enhance their competitiveness and profitability in the renewable energy market.

Banking & Credit

Helping banks and financial institutions assess the viability, profitability and risk of renewable energy assets

Renewable energy is a fast-growing and dynamic sector that offers many opportunities for banks and other financial institutions to invest in clean and sustainable projects. However, renewable energy assets also pose unique challenges and risks that require careful financial assessment.

We offer solutions that improve the credit analysis and risk management of renewable energy assets.

Our solutions help banks and other financial institutions, such as Private Equity and Pension Funds, assess the viability, profitability and risk of renewable energy assets and provide appropriate debt/equity financing terms and conditions. By using our solutions, our clients can:

  • Reduce costs: We help our clients optimise their capital allocation and reduce their financing costs by identifying the most suitable debt/equity structures and sources for their renewable energy assets.
  • Increase returns: We help our clients maximise their returns by appropriately analysing credit risk and managing their risk exposure.
  • Support sustainability: We help our clients support the global transition to a low-carbon economy by investing in renewable energy projects that have positive environmental and social impacts.

Offshore Wind Farm Developers

The market’s first offshore wind catastrophe models

Offshore wind is one of the most promising and fastest-growing sources of renewable energy in the world. But offshore wind assets face exposure to extreme weather conditions and natural catastrophes.

We have the expertise and experience to help offshore wind farm developers overcome these risks.

We offer the market’s first offshore wind catastrophe models, which use detailed physics-based modelling, data analytics and simulation techniques to support risk assessment and financial modelling.

Our team has worked with offshore wind farm developers, and our solutions are geared towards helping effective risk analytics and financing of offshore wind projects. Our offshore wind catastrophe models can:

  • Evaluate the potential losses from extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, typhoons, storms, and lightning strikes, that can damage or destroy offshore wind assets and their components.
  • Estimate the expected production from offshore wind farms under different wind speed and wind direction scenarios, taking into account the turbine characteristics, layout, wake effects, and availability.
  • Optimise the design and operation of offshore wind farms by finding the optimal turbine type, size, number, location, orientation, and control strategy to maximise energy output and minimise costs and risks.
  • Support the financing of offshore wind projects by providing credible and transparent data and analysis to developers, insurers, and financiers.

Renewable Energy Developers

Supporting developers plan and optimise the financial performance of their assets

Our team has broad expertise in renewable energy topics, such as onshore wind, hydrogen, tidal, ammonia, battery storage, and is up-to-date on technological advancements across the sector.

Renewable energy projects are complex, have a technical evolution roadmap, are capital-intensive and need long-term investments – all of which requires careful planning, financing and risk management.

Our products are designed to support renewable energy developers to have better insurance, financing and planning.

Financial Markets

The ultimate solutions for renewable energy financiers

Our team has prior experience in financial markets and understands the need for better risk analytics for managing tail risk using CAT bonds, insurance linked securities (ILS) and financial innovation through securitisation and ABS.

We are working closely with financial market participants in designing our products to serve these needs.

International Development

Creating solutions that can support renewable energy transition

Financing of renewable energy cannot be done without support from governments and international agencies.

Our team has considerable experience in working closely with government agencies from UK, India and other countries, and international agencies, such as The World Bank, in creating solutions that can support renewable energy transition.

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